• The Music Hutch Studio Policy

  • This is a General Studio Lesson Policy. Contact your Teacher for His/Her Individual Policy.

    We offer lessons for children and adults of all ages (see suggested starting age for different instruments and voice at the end of this document) on a variety of musical instruments and voice from violin to drums and most in between. Lessons are offered once weekly in the following blocks: 30 minutes, 45 minutes & 60 minutes. Thirty minute lessons are recommended for students in elementary and middle school with more experienced students (high school) progressing longer times.

    Tuition is paid monthly in advance and is due by the last lesson of the month for the following month. The rates vary slightly for our independent teachers. Contact your teacher directly for rates. For example, the rates for a 30-minute lesson ranges between $30 and $35.

    Any student who has not paid for lessons by the last day of the month prior to the first lesson the following month may be removed from the schedule and that lesson time made available to other prospective students.
    Students will not receive a refund if they discontinue lessons before the previously paid month is complete.
    We ask that parents and students give 30 days notice before discontinuing lessons.
    If the instructor must reschedule a lesson, and the lesson is missed, it will not be rescheduled again.
    Some teachers charge by the lesson and prorate according to the number of weeks in the month. Tuition is paid by the month is still due by the last lesson of the previous month. Be sure to contact your teacher directly to discuss pricing policy.

    Make up policy
    Instructors maintain a full schedule on their lesson days and it may be difficult to schedule make up lessons during their normal schedule. Students are not guaranteed make-ups for missed lessons. Even though make-up lessons are not required, instructors may try to do so at their discretion and only as scheduling permits.
    With the exception of personal illness or family emergency, no lesson will be considered for a make up unless there is more than 24 hours notice given to the instructor. Please contact your instructor as soon as illness or emergency is known. Scheduling conflicts are not considered a family emergency.
    No lesson will be made up if missed without notification. Not showing up without notice and expecting tuition credit compares to an instructor not showing up and expecting payment. Or, it compares to attending a private school or college and expecting a refund when a class is missed. It is the same here at The Music Hutch Studio because we are very proud of our instructors, who give friendly and professional instruction and give our students the very best possible lessons. They count on their students to attend lessons and the income from that. Enrolling in music lessons requires a commitment from all parties involved.
    Please be aware that teachers are not expected to adjust lesson times to accommodate after school and evening activities such as sports activities, rehearsals, doctor’s appointments, etc.

    What am I paying for?
    You are paying for the music professional expertise and to reserve a specific weekly time and day just for you. The same time is reserved for you each week a month in advance. That way, you can schedule all activities with confidence and be consistent with lesson attendance.

    Students are expected to attend every lesson. Plan to warm up before the lesson and to come 5 minutes early to assemble instrument (for wind band instruments) and be ready to begin. If a student is late to a lesson, it will not be extended. Lost time will not be made up.

    Students should be prepared and bring any materials your teacher requires.

    Home Practice
    Students are expected to practice the following amount of time per day, five to seven days each week:

    30 minute lesson – 20-30 minutes of practice time each day
    Note: 15 minutes for a beginner during the first few months
    45 minute lesson – 30-45 minutes of practice time each day
    60 minute lesson – 45-60 minutes of practice time each day

    Students are expected to come to each lesson prepared. A prepared student gets the most out of lessons. Practicing is the training portion of learning. Poor preparation leads to frustration and a lack of progress. Mastering the material and making weekly progress creates confidence and enjoyment!

    Parent Supervision
    Children under 12 years old should be supervised at all times while in the waiting room. Please be mindful of the lessons in progress and keep noise to a minimum. Children should not be left unsupervised before or after lessons. Teachers are in back-to-back lessons and cannot be responsible for supervising children after their lessons have ended.

    Holidays/Inclement Weather
    The studio is open on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break weeks. Please check with your teacher about revised schedules. Most of the time, when Fulton County Schools are closed for inclement weather, so will The Music Hutch Studio. Check with your private lesson teacher to confirm whether or not your lesson is cancelled.

    Recommended Ages for Student Lessons
    Violin, Viola, Cello: 3rd – 12th grades
    Double Bass 6th – 12th
    Piano: kindergarten – 12th grades
    Woodwinds: (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) 4th – 12th grades
    Guitar: 2nd – 12th grades
    Electric Bass: 4th – 12th grades
    Brass: (Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone) 3rd – 12th
    Tuba – 5th – 12th grades
    Voice: 6th – 12th grades