• Our pricing is simple and straightforward - No surprises later.  See the price chart below. With our two months free offer, you pay the first month's rent as shown for your instrument, skip the next two months then continue same payment after.


    • Rent instrument on August 17th and pay first month's rent
    • No payments for September 17th or October 17th
    • Resume Payments November 17th

    You do not pay LDW (Loss Damage Waiver insurance) or sales tax during free months. Two months free offer expires 10/31/17

  • Your rental cost is less expensive with us than with most competitors. Here is a comparison for the same trumpet rental:


    • Two month "trial" period $5 + $7 LDW = $12 per month, $24 total
    • After the trial period, their charge of $27 + $7 LDW equals $34 per month.
    • Yearly cost of rental $24 for first two months + $340 ($34x10 months) = $364


    The Music Hutch Studio

    • Pay first month $20 + $4 LDW + $1.86 sales tax* = $25.86
    • Two months absolutely free
    • Thereafter, $25.86 per month
    • Yearly cost of rental - $25.86 x 10 = $256.80

     Renting a trumpet from us saves you over $100 ($107.20) the first year! 

    * Our parent company, Veritas is based in Clearwater Florida.  Therefore we are required by law to collect sales tax.